Botanical Slimmer


Botanical Slimmer is a vegan product, with natural ingredients and cocoa flavour that helps you lose weight*.

  • Monthly pack to reduce body weight- 84 sticks
  • Take 3 sticks a day, 15 minutes before each main meal, with plenty of water.
  • Vegan product
  • Cocoa flavour
  • Lose up to 5,5 kg more in 2 months

Download effectiveness studies HERE

Get the 30 days VALY CHALLENGE. A virtual daily workout plan and a set of menus to help you achieve your goals.

*Helps you lose weight when following a low calorie diet.

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What do our customers think of the Hair Pack?


I have lost 5kg

I have lost 5 kilos with the two month treatment with diet and exercise and I recommend it on its own it doesn't do anything, you have to do it well for it to work. Thank you
MCarmen Sánchez
Botanical Slimmer


They are very filling, I have tried many products to lose weight and none like this one. I take it before eating and I don't have any anxiety about eating, it's marvellous.
Inés Molina
Botanical Slimmer

Very satisfied

I love the taste and its effectiveness. I will repeat the treatment for sure, I am very happy with the results!
Dora Ortiz
Botanical Slimmer